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Jaylec expands at CoolDrive with Fuse Kits & Wiring Heat Shrink Kits

4 Dec, 2018

An extensive range of automotive fuse kits and wiring heat shrink kits are the latest offerings from CoolDrive Auto Parts.

Produced by Automotive Electrical experts Jaylec, the Fuse Assortment Kits come in a variety of fuse types and combinations, numbering anything from 68 individual fuses to 280, all packaged in a convenient clear container for quick selection and easy storage.

Jaylec’s Low Profile Fuse Assortment Kit contains 120 low profile fuses ranging from 3amp to 30amp, while the Mini Blade Fuse Assortment Kit has 82 mini blade fuses ranging from 2amp to 35amp, plus a fuse holder and fuse puller.
The Blade Fuse Assortment Kit contains 280 mini and standard fuses from 3amp to 40amp, while the Blade Fuse & Fusible Link Assortment Kit has 68 individual mini blade fuses, maxi blade fuses and fusible links, ranging from 3amp to 100amp.

CoolDrive has also added Jaylec’s new Heat Shrink Assortment Kits to its automotive electrical range.

Ideal for preventing shorts, protecting, insulating and organising wiring and providing the most professional possible finish, heat shrink is a superior alternative to electrical tape and just as easy to use.

Technicians simply need to slip the shrink wrap over the wiring join and then heat to provide a perfect seal.

Three Jaylec Heat Shrink kits are offered by CoolDrive, in black, red or assorted colours and thin wall wrap sizes from either 1.5mm to 13mm or 2.5mm to 20mm, all in a handy clear container for quick selection and storage. The Black and Red kits have 100 pieces each, the Coloured Kit has 95.

For further information on the Jaylec Fuse Assortment and Heat Shrink kits, visit your local CoolDrive branch or go to www.cooldrive.com.au.

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