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Narva Expands Auto Lighting Range at CoolDrive

4 Dec, 2018

The Narva LED lighting range has expanded at CoolDrive Auto Parts with the very latest in premium quality head lamps and audio lights now available.

Narva’s LED head lamps are ideal for night time and low light conditions where hands-free illumination is needed for roadside repairs or trade and leisure applications.
The products can be worn, or the magnetised lamp can be detached for additional versatility.
Depending on the model chosen, the light beam emitted can be varied between a powerful spot beam with a 60-metre pattern, a 120-degree flood beam or a combination of either the spot or beam pattern with an arc beam.

There is also a motion sensor for touch-free use, and a brightness memory function which ‘learns’ the user’s preferred brightness setting and returns to it for the next use unless programmed otherwise.

Both units even include a glow-in-the-dark locator to make operation in low light conditions even easier.
Operating time is up to five hours on 50 per cent output or two-and-a-half hours on 100 per cent.
IP65 dust and water resistant, the lightweight Narva rechargeable LED Head Lamps have a high-quality housing that’s impact-resistant and an easily-adjustable head strap, while the detachable lamp is strongly magnetised, so it can be safely used as a stand-alone illumination unit.
There’s the choice of a single LED unit emitting 120 Lumens or a two-LED unit with a 250-lumen beam.
Recharging time for both LED Head Lamps is just a few hours, via either an USB lead or 240 Volt adaptor.
Also available at CoolDrive are Narva’s newest Audio Lights, which are designed to deliver powerful, high-quality Bluetooth-connected sound and highly-efficient lighting in the one transportable unit.
Pairing easily and quickly with any Bluetooth device at a range of up to 20 metres, the Audio Lights remember the last device they were paired with for repeated use.
The in-built LED light globes emit between 600 and 5000 lumens of light, depending on which model is chosen, have a glow-in-the-dark locator for ease of location in low-light conditions, and two of the models also come equipped with a powerful mounting magnet.
Model dependant standard features include a dimmer control for brightness, visual readout of battery status, a heavy-duty mounting bracket with 90-degree range of motion, an in-built power bank function to charge other mobile devices, and five metres of power cable.
Charging is either via 240V power or USB rechargeable Li-ion battery. This enables the larger LED Audio Lights to operate for up to 15 hours with the speakers at medium volume.
Built around a sturdy impact-resistant aluminium housing, the LED Audio Lights are Dust and Water resistant to withstand harsh environments, and the larger speaker-lights are also available with optional heavy-duty tripod or wheeled stands.
While two of the new LED Audio Lights are larger models for more robust trade or leisure applications, there’s also a clever and very handy hand-held model which boasts big sound and an impressive 600 lumens of light, and four hours of usage at 50 percent output.
Further information on the new Narva Head Lamps and Audio Lights, and the entire Narva range at CoolDrive is available via CoolDrive branches or at www.cooldrive.com.au.

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