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CoolDrive Set to Perform with Mantic Clutches

21 Feb, 2018

Now available at CoolDrive is the Mantic range of performance clutches from Clutch Industries.
Fully engineered and made in Australia specifically for performance vehicles, the Mantic range consists of high performance, modular, street and track clutches.
“The Mantic range has been designed and built by qualified engineers, calling on Clutch Industries’ over 50 years of experience in manufacturing clutches,” Chris Astbury, CoolDrive’s Clutch & Brake Product Manager said.
“The end result is a range that offers outstanding design and quality, with each application engineered to not only operate at the cutting edge of design and performance, but to look good as well.
“Stocking Mantic at CoolDrive is also a nod to our motorsport connection, with the Blanchard family’s motorsport heritage and the Team CoolDrive supercar driven by Tim Blanchard in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship."
Mantic clutch development includes dynamometer and field testing on the street and track, with the final products delivering improved torque drive capability and lower MOI (Moment of Inertia).

Single, twin or triple disc system kits are available, depending on performance requirements.
The kits include a SG iron pressure plate with three times the strength of traditional castings to ensure they can handle extreme centrifugal force of street performance applications.

The Mantic Street Stage 1 kit offers the enthusiast an affordable clutch upgrade for their daily drive, while the Sport Stage 2 is for the driver with higher demands on the clutch and is best suited for vehicles used for sprinting, where performance is a higher priority than daily drivability.

The Mantic Stage 1 clutch kits feature the patented ER2 Groove Design CNC machined into the cover assembly pressure plate.  Coupled with an increase in clamp load, the torque capacity of these kits is significantly higher than OEM specifications.
The groove has been specifically designed to increase the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate and assist in heat removal.  This provides an increase in torque of up to eight per cent over non grooved plates.
The Mantic Track Series features twin and triple disc clutches made from billet steel and aluminium components and is aimed at serious amateurs and professional performance enthusiasts.
The torque capacity of the Track Series kits ranges to in excess of 1500Nm.
The Track Series clutches feature low MOI that allows better throttle response, faster acceleration and crisper gear changes than large diameter single disc clutches.
Mantic’s 9000 Series is suited for high performance street driving and sprint eventing, with four clutch plate configurations available - Organic, Sprung Centre Cushioned Cerametallic, Rigid Centre Cushioned Cerametallic and Rigid Centre Undampened Cerametallic.
The 9000 Series clutches have a torque capacity of up to 1500 Nm, depending on the disc configuration used.
Mantic also offers pure racing clutches with the 7000 and 5000 Sport Twin and Triple Series in 7.25” and 5.5” diameters respectively.
The Mantic range of performance clutches is now available at CoolDrive branches.

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