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CoolDrive Refrigerant Charge Capacity Chart

15 Jun, 2018

Download a copy of the CoolDrive Auto Parts Refrigerant Charge Rate

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Remember you can also view all the Gas Rates in the CoolDrive Gas Chart APP available for all Apple and Android devices. 

CoolDrive Auto Parts’s Gas Chart App is the Only Free App that helps you identify motor vehicle gas charge values so you can support your customer quickly and efficiently.

The Gas Chart App features a range of great benefits:

Comprehensive Vehicle Database

You’ll get access to over 40 vehicle brands, thousands of models and multiple vehicle types all at your fingertips. The Gas Chart app covers vehicles ranging from luxury cars, such as Mercedes Benz to commercial trucks, such as Hino. You’ll find gas chart values for a wide range of models from the most recent and vintage years. With all of this information, you’ll be able to help customers from any industry with their vehicle.

Simple To Use and Easy To Read Gas Charts

With its intuitive and clean design, you can find the required gas charge vehicle in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is select the vehicle make and model from the menu, then select and gas charts to view. After selecting gas charts from the drop down menu, you will be able to identify the gas charge straight away. The gas charts also display additional information and notes, such as vehicle model years.

Discover Industry-Leading Products

CoolDrive Auto Parts is an authorized refrigerant handler and Australia’s largest supplier of Air Conditioning and Vehicle parts. From Air Conditioning to Electrical Accessories, you’ll find a range of industry leading products for your customers' automotive needs.

Download the Gas Chart App on the Google Play Store

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