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CoolDrive Now Stocking the World's Most Famous Workshop Lubricant

13 Mar, 2018

A range of maintenance products from the world famous “Water Displacement 40th attempt” Company is now available from CoolDrive stores across Australia.
More commonly known as WD-40, the products include the world-renowned multi-use lubricant in differing aerosol sizes, ranging from 300g to 425g as well as the low-odour variant in a 300g can.
Ideal for workshops is the WD-40 EZ-Reach which comes with a 20cm flexible straw to reach those hard-to-reach places, along with the bulk variants of the standard lubricant, perfect for industrial uses such as dipping or soaking parts without disassembly.
CoolDrive will also stock the WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant and Degreaser, plus the full range of WD-40 Specialist Automotive products designed to improve and keep vehicles running efficiently.

This specialist range includes products such as the Chain Lube and Belt Dressing lubricants, the Brake & Parts, Throttle Body Carb & Choke and Electronic cleaners as well as the Lanolin Lubricant and Pentrant with Smart Straws.
Also part of the WD-40 Company is the Solvol range of heavy duty hand cleaners, of which CoolDrive will stock a range of products.
The WD-40 Company products are available from CoolDrive branches nationally.

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