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The Latest tesa tapes at CoolDrive

28 Nov, 2018

CoolDrive Auto Parts continues to add to its array of automotive parts, with the addition of automotive adhesive tapes from tesa.
Commonly used in European and Australian vehicles, these handy abrasion-resistant products meet stringent quality standards, with tesa’s major worldwide production sites certified under the international quality standards ISO 14001 and ISO T 16949.
Available now at CoolDrive is tesa’s SP9051 cloth tape for temperature resistance and high abrasion protection.
The 19mm wide cloth tape is ideal for engine bay applications and where extreme temperatures are experienced.

Available in black, the cloth tape has temperature resistance to 150°C, is flame-resistant as composite, has a strong adhesive backing and is available in 25 metre rolls.

By contrast, tesa’s SP9052 fleece tape is primarily utilised for noise-suppression in automotive interiors.
Importantly it’s tear-resistant, is flexible and smooth for easy application and has a strong adhesive backing.
The fleece tape is 19mm wide and comes in 25 metre rolls.

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