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Product Safety Recall - REDARC Tow-Pro Elite EBRH-ACCV2

23 Jan, 2019

REDARC Electronics - Tow-Pro Elite EBRH-ACCV2

REDARC Electronics is conducting a recall of the Tow-Pro Elite V2 Electric Trailer Brake Controller (Product code EBRH-ACCV2).

The recall applies only to units sold between 1 September 2018 and 21 January 2019 with serial numbers of the following format shown as an example 18110006030116 or 18101268-023, (located on the external packaging and on the main control unit.)

The reason for the recall is that the units in the affected range where the installation has not been carried out in accordance with the product manual, using dedicated wiring from a single battery supply, there is potential at any time for no trailer brake output indicated by a flashing yellow/red warning lamp. In which case the braking distance of the tow vehicle and trailer may be increased when towing.


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