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CoolDrive Expands Into Hybrid & EV Training for the Australian Auto Aftermarket

6 Jun, 2019

Enhancing its growing reputation as the ‘go to’ provider of all things automotive for the Australasian Aftermarket and Workshops, CoolDrive Auto Parts is now offering specialised Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (EV) Systems training courses in conjunction with Bosch.

The architecture and operating systems of hybrid and electric vehicles are significantly different from those of the more traditional petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles, and as a result, working with them requires a thorough understanding of the necessary safety measures. CoolDrive’s training course will provide the knowledge and expertise needed for servicing alternative drive vehicles.

“We have partnered with Bosch Training to offer exclusive training packages that allow repairers to educate themselves on working with high voltage vehicles which, if done incorrectly, can be very dangerous, potentially even fatal.” David Haley, Category Manager - Rotating Electrical at CoolDrive said.

“Buyers in the Australasian market are steadily moving towards buying even greater numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles, and the earliest of these models have now been on our roads for a decade."

“That means that, increasingly, workshops are having to conduct servicing and repairs, and in these types of vehicles which call for expert knowledge, the need arises for specialised training.”

Conducted in conjunction with Bosch, the single-day CoolDrive courses are being offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch.

Each course covers hybrid and electric vehicle design principles, components and structures, battery technology, drivelines and e-machines, and vehicle and personal safety precautions.

These new training courses complement CoolDrive’s recent introduction of a new range of specialised hybrid and electric vehicle spare parts, tools, equipment and workshop apparel.

Over 180 Electric Vehicle related spare parts and 25 different tools and chargers are now stocked by CoolDrive including the Bosch FSA050 Tester for insulation testing, the TOLSEN range of 1000V AC-rated insulated screwdrivers and gloves, plus safety glasses, IEC60900-complied spanners and ratchets, even workshop warning signage.

CoolDrive’s Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Training Courses began in February and have been well-received in the market with a strong uptake.

Depending on demand, additional courses will be added to key regional centres.

Further information on CoolDrive’s range of hybrid and electric vehicle equipment and parts and the training programmes is available on iShop or at CoolDrive Auto Parts branches nationwide.

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