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Techflex Braided Sleeving for Thermal & Abrasion Protection

25 Mar, 2019

Recently CoolDrive Auto Parts has been developing a range of Heat and Abrasion Protection products. These products are manufactured by the market-leading manufacturer and O.E supplier DCI made with Australian metal heat protection products, and US made Techflex.

The product offering includes a range of flexible lightweight stainless steel heat shields and fitting kits as used in a large range of applications from V8 Supercars to mining applications.

It also includes silicone sleeving used for fuel lines, speedo, clutch and starter cables. Spark Plug Boots for when aftermarket headers are being used and Header Wraps in multiple colours lengths and temperature ratings.

The Abrasion Resistance range includes Dura-Flex Pro©, this product is suited to withstand more than 13,000 cycles used in Heavy Duty applications such as mining and earth moving equipment. Dura-Flex Professional’s unique 80 mil thick tubular weave design will withstand up to 13,000 abrasion cycles without wearing through the fabric at any location. The tightly woven Nylon construction is extremely flexible and resists chemical and ultraviolet degradation. Dura-Flex Professional cuts with a scissor, installs quickly and easy

Nylon Multi© is a soft flexible Abrasion Protection material used in the US military for wiring looms. Under the hood or across the floor, NNylon Multi© is the perfect sleeving product for protecting and improving the appearance of wires and cables. Nylon Multi© has been used in military wire harness applications for many years. Nylon Multi© is highly resistant to abrasion, cuts, common automotive and marine chemicals, UV damage and vibration. It will not rot or retain moisture.

Shrinkflex© is a Fabric Heat Shrink tubing for that professional look, provides resistance to trapping water heat and humidity and outstanding abrasion and cutting protection regardless of the temperature. Shrinks to 1/2 it’s original diameter. Fabric heat shrink tubing, a unique mixture of Polyolefin and Polyester yarns, is the ideal way to form the only shrinkable fabric of its kind. The woven construction makes this product extremely flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity. 

All products have been packed into affordable lengths and sizes for ease of use.

Discover the full range of Techflex products and specifications on iShop or contact your nearest CoolDrive Auto Parts Store

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