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The Ultimate 4x4 Performance Clutch

17 May, 2019

Designed and manufactured in Australia, 4Terrain Ultimate ERclutches are arguably the “Top of the Range” heavy duty clutch available with several patented and unique features.

All kits feature increased clamp load from the pressure plate, but without noticeable pedal effort increase.

Every 4Terrain Ultimate kit features the patented CNC machined ER2 Groove Design in the pressure plate for greater torque capacity. ER2 increases the torque drive in two ways. It increases the torque capacity by increasing the Mean Effective Radius (ER2) and allows the clutch to operate at a cooler level, maintaining friction at optimal levels and prolonging the operational life.

The pressure plate is made of SGI cast iron which is 3 times stronger than conventional grey castings.

All pressure plates are dual balanced, first the casting after final machining, and then again as a complete unit after assembly. All balancing is performed on specifically designed balancing machines.

A feature of the 4Terrain Ultimate clutch plate is the two-stage friction material, with segmented Aramide facings on the flywheel side and full friction face on the pressure plate side.

All clutch plates are manufactured with forged hubs for maximum spline strength, and with a run out specification of less than 0.5mm, for good release and smooth engagement.

The net result of these features is a clutch that is capable of transmitting greater than 60% more torque than a standard kit, making it suitable for 4WDs/SUVs in the most demanding conditions, while also being perfectly suited to doing the daily school run.

4Terrain Ultimate kits come packed in a custom made wooden carry box, for the owner to keep, and every kit is complete with aligning tool and spigot bearing.

Discover the full range of 4Terrain Ultimate Off Road Performance Clutches on iShop or contact your nearest CoolDrive Auto Parts Store to learn more!

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