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CoolDrive Plugs Into Electric Car Market

21 May, 2019

CoolDrive Auto Parts has plugged into the rapidly growing Australasian Hybrid and Electric Vehicle market with a new range of specialised equipment and parts.

Being the first to market with this new offering for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EVs), CoolDrive Auto parts now stocks a range of 180 related spare parts and 25 different tools and chargers.

“Although Australia only saw its first contemporary hybrid vehicle in 2013, there are almost 110,000 hybrid or electric cars now on our roads, and a further 20,000 in New Zealand.” CoolDrive Auto Parts CEO John Blanchard said.

“These numbers are small right now, but they are growing rapidly and the demise of local manufacturing has meant that the Australasian car market is now even more closely following global trends, and that’s definitely toward electric cars."

“Australia’s four largest trading partners, China, Europe, US and Japan, are also the world’s four largest buyers of plug-in electric vehicles, so that’s a further influence.”

As part of this new range and to ensure a complete electric and hybrid vehicle service offering for customers, CoolDrive Auto Parts has welcomed the Tolsen brand into its fold, with specialised tools including insulated screwdrivers, spanners and ratchets.

All Tolsen tools are 1000V AC rated and tested to VDE Standards, complying with IEC60900.

Also available as part of CoolDrive’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle equipment range is protective workshop apparel including insulated electrical gloves (1000V), safety glasses and even warning signage.

Capping off the range is the Bosch FSA050 Tester for insulation testing.

Discover CoolDrive’s full range of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle equipment and parts in iShop or at your nearest CoolDrive Auto Parts Store.

CoolDrive Auto Parts is one of Australasia’s largest automotive parts distributors with a comprehensive range of automotive air conditioning, rotating electrical, electrical accessories, engine cooling, engine management, underbody, braking and suspension products. CoolDrive Auto Parts is 100 percent family owned and operated, and has over 30 branches in Australia and New Zealand.

For further information:
David Haley
Category Manager - Auto Electrical
CoolDrive Auto Parts
(03) 9896 7300

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