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Sandown 500 Friday Recap

15 Sep, 2017


Practice One – Todd Hazelwood // Position: 9th – 1:10.0014 //Fastest: Dean Fiore – 1:09.6440

Practice Two – Tim Blanchard // Position: 22nd – 1:23.5000 // Fastest: Rick Kelly – 1:20.5047

Practice Three – Todd Hazelwood // Position: 13th – 1:22.3272 // Fastest: Tony D’Alberto – 1:20.9755


Saturday 16th September

9:20 – 9:35 – Practice Four

10:50 – 11:10 – Qualifying

13:45 – 14:20 – Race for the Grid – 60kms (Co-Driver Race)

16:15-16:50 – Race for the Grid – 60kms (Main Driver Race)

Sunday 17th September

9:40 – 10:00 – Warm Up

13:15 – 16:50 – Race Nineteen – Sandown 500 / 161 laps


Tricky conditions set in for the drivers today, with the morning practice session starting off dry, then the rain came! The conditions were worst during the main driver session today, with quite heavy rainfall and the session was red flagged early when Fabian Coulthard found himself off track and bogged alongside a track barrier. The rain eased only for a moment, and returned for the final practice session. The forecast shows more on its way tomorrow, which will make for some very interesting qualifying!
TODD “The car was really good in the trying conditions today, particularly in practice one where the conditions were dry, so we were able to get in a good couple of lap times. In the wet, I wasn’t happy with my fastest lap and think I could have done a little better. We definitely know what we need to do to improve the car and that’s the most important thing. The car was pitch sensitive in the front, and was trying to move around a lot. It was different to what I’m used to, a little more nervous feeling than I’d like. I know Tim has had plenty of experience with that, so together we’ll find the right balance. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.”


Saturday 16th September

12:05 – 12:35 – Supercars Autograph Session – In front of Team Transporters

Sunday 17th September

11:00 – 11:30 – Supercars Autograph Session – In front of Team Transporters

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