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Winton SuperSprint - Practice Report

18 May, 2018


Additional Drivers Practice – Adam Marjoram

Position: 20th – 1:41.3219s

Fastest: David Russell – 1:38.0430s

Practice One

Position: 26th – 1:35.7403s

Fastest: Fabian Coulthard – 1:32.0341s

Practice Two

Position: 24th – 1:20.8118s

Fastest: Michael Caruso – 1:19.7105s



Saturday 19th May

10:30-11:15 – Practice Three

12:40-12:55 – Qualifying

15:50-17:00 – Race 13 – 120kms/40 Laps

Sunday 20th May

10:25-10:45 – Qualifying

13:45-15:35 – Race 14 – 200kms/67 Laps


“The car felt totally different to what I’m used to. The ergonomics of it, the way you go about approaching things, the engineering of it, just so different. I thought the Team CoolDrive Supercar was very stable under brakes, and we made a change in the session to improve the exit traction and through mid-corner the car had quite good turn.”
“It’s a lot to get your head around and you don’t really have enough laps to get comfortable with it all. Every adjuster is different, even the shifter feels different.”
“It’s a shame that the conditions were pretty wet today, you couldn’t get the best read of the car without the grip there, I think everyone out there was slipping and sliding around at a few points.”
“The main aim of today was to get a few laps in, keep it on the black stuff and see how I go. We weren’t last, I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to shadowing the team for the rest of the weekend. It’s a big operation and very cool to see how it all works and learn.”


Saturday 20th May

13:45-14:00 – Autograph Session @ Merchandise Alley

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