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ZF 6HP Transmissions for Ford Falcon and Territory

ZF 6HP Transmissions for Ford Falcon and Territory

ZF’s 6HP26 Automatic transmission was the very first 6 speed available in a production car with the release of the 2001 BMW E65 7 series. The 6HP has since been fitted into a host of manufacturer’s vehicles.

In Australia along with BMW, Jaguar & Range Rover this transmission started as an option for the Ford Falcon BFII and is standard equipment for current FG Falcon and Territory.

Although known for its outstanding reliability but one problem that can be encountered is if trans fluid used for refill in the event of service at 80,000 Klm’s and or repair is not correct to type it can lead to flaring and shift problems.

The only fluid that is approved by ZF for hassle free operation for the 6HP26 is genuine ZF Life Guard 6 transmission fluid. This fluid is now available in 1Ltr and 20Ltr from Cooldrive distribution. Along with the fluid to service the ZF 6HP26 transmission a plastic pan with filter incorporated or a metal pan with a separate filter and gasket is required.

The pans, filters, data plug connector sleeves and gaskets are available from Cooldrive distribution.

ZF Lifeguard 6 fluid:

  • Specifically matched transmission fluids for exclusive use in ZF transmissions.
  • Less material wear and softer shifting operations due to consistent friction behaviour.
  • Less vibration due to controlled slip of converter lock up clutch.
  • Maximum sound dampening due to low viscosity
  • Improved lubrication film stability in all performance and temperature ranges

Part Numbers are:

ZF Life Guard 6

1L Bottle part # AA00 604 149

20L Bottle part # S671 090 253


Service parts ZF 6HP26

Plastic Pan including filter for Ford Falcon & Territory part # 1068298075

Data plug Connector Ford Falcon & Territory Sleeve part # 0501216272


Please refer to your vehicles handbook or ZF manual for fluid capacities and also refill procedure