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XS Injectors - Official Injector of TA2 Muscle Cars

7 Jun, 2022

CoolDrive Auto Parts’ XS Injectors has formed a new partnership with the PROMAXX Performance Exhausts TA2 Muscle Car Series framed by Hytek as the new “Official Injector”.

The two-year agreement will see the ‘exact match’ XS Injectors fitted to the McLaren race engines which power the expanding series.

“XS Injectors are excited to be partnering with the TA2 Muscle Car series and are proud to see the competitors race with the world’s most accurate fuel injectors,” explained Simon Richards, Performance Fuel Injectors for CoolDrive Auto Parts.

“High performance and attention to detail is in our DNA, it has been a pleasure to work with the TA2 category to develop a fuel injector solution that meets the high demands of the TA2 competition.”

The XS Injectors offering is a game-changer for performance tuners who seek precision. After two years and over 3,000 hours of product development, coupled with a combined 45 years of performance fuel injector experience, XS Injectors have been designed to revolutionise flow testing and data matching and are the most accurate injector sets available. While typically allowable performance tolerances can be up to nine percent, XS Injectors are able to offer unparalleled matching, with tolerances within one percent on flow rate and two percent on dead times. This has been achieved by each injector having over 6,500 flow points recorded to create a complete flow profile.

A highlight of the XS Injectors range is the ‘exact match’ data for each set of injectors, which vastly reduces final tuning time, with both flow rate and dead time performance equalised, with each set coming complete with bespoke downloadable data files for all popular tuning software platforms.

The TA2 Muscle Car engines are built by McLaren Engineering in the United States, and deliver 525 hp in the Howe Motorsport built PBR-spec chassis. The cars arrive in Australia as a turn key race car with excellent spares, back up and on-track service from Queensland based PBR Distributions, featuring current bodied Ford Mustang, Chev Camaro and Dodge Challenger race cars with limited aero and low grip Hoosier tyres to promote close racing.

“With the right treatment our engines are built to last up to three seasons, therefore we need components that are manufactured to that performance and reliability level. Given that each injector set is supplied with individualised tuning data and all are matched, we are guaranteed of the best all round performance from the moment you hit the start button,” said Cameron Sendall, the TA2 Technical Manager.

“And it’s a bonus they are an Australian company that we can support as well.”

The TA2 Muscle Car Series is a six round national series which has also expanded regionally this year with the launch of TA2 West for competitors in Western Australia, plus additional Northern and Southern regional series to cater for the growing number of competitors on the East Coast alongside international expansion to New Zealand.


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