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Checking the Condition of the A/C System Oil

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Air Conditioning A/C System Visual Inspection Sight Glass Tool

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When initially assessing an AC system for repair, one of the more common checks completed is leak detection.

Leak detectors and UV lights can assist in diagnosing the outer parts of the system, like the surfaces, connections and seals, but how can you check the inside of the AC system?

Jayair has introduced a simple, visual AC system diagnostic tool that will allow you to visually inspect the condition of the refrigerant and oil in the AC system without having to remove any componentry.

The physical condition of the refrigerant and oil mixture needs to be examined to determine the condition of the AC system, much like technicians do with engine oils.

The colour of the mixture will tell you all about the health of the system.

It should look transparent with no colour.


A healthy AC system will have a clear mixture of refrigerant and oil.

If the mixture is light green this indicates a UV dye agent has been applied in the correct amount.


Visible Metal Chips - Caused by compressor Seizure

Visible Bubbles - Caused by moisture in the system

Milky, Unclear - Caused by flushing agent in system

Uneven Mixture - Caused by system overheating

Visible Rubber/Plastic - Caused by aged seals or hoses

Jelly-Like, Crystallised - Caused by leak stop agent in system