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Common Rail Injector Compensation Codes


Common Rail Injector Compensation Codes

The replacement of most modern Common Rail Diesel Injectors necessitates a calibration procedure. This ensures the vehicle’s electronic injection system is set up to compensate for the finite variances between the injectors. Close attention to the correct procedure is a must!

These Common Rail Injectors have a unique calibration or compensation code that needs to be loaded to the engine ECU. Before proceeding to install the replacement injectors, it is essential to locate the calibration codes on each of the new injectors
and ensure the codes are related to each injector and their respective location or cylinder.

A helpful tip is to load the new compensation codes prior to installation.
This not only ensures the procedure is carried out – but it also eliminates the possibility of installing the incorrect units, as the vehicle simply won’t accept the incorrect codes.

Below are pictures showing the calibration codes on several of the popular brands of injectors which are normally located on the injector solenoid or on a sticker on the injector body. 


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