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Ford Falcon BA & Territory SX - Cold Start/Hard Start Problem


Ford Falcon BA & Territory SX - Cold Start/Hard Start PCM/ECU Problem


Problem - My Falcon BA or Territory SX is very hard to start or does not start when cold.

Solution - When the customer`s vehicle does not start or is very hard to start when cold, there is a problem with an integrated circuit in the vehicle`s PCM/ECU. CoolDrive`s trained technicians can perform `in circuit` programming to fix this problem using a specialised software developer`s tool. If Cooldrive repairs the customer`s unit no further programming will be required. If the customer requires the fastest possible solution then the customer will want a CoolDrive exchange unit. With an exchange unit, 3 additional yet different programming steps are required to complete the job – Software Flash Programming, Variant Code Programming and Vehicle Introduction Programming.

Step 1. Software Flash Programming

In the Falcon BA and Territory SX, the PCM has several different families of hardware which can be programmed to different specifications of the vehicle. The PCM/ECU needs to be flash programmed via the vehicle`s OBDII port with software specific to the vehicles unique requirements. The programming can be done using a genuine factory scan tool or a supported pass-through device by going online, downloading the correct software and then flash program the vehicles' PCM/ECU.

If the programming is not done correctly, the car may not start or may log a fault code to indicate that flash programming is required. For example, if the vehicle has not been programmed with the correct anti-lock brake system (ABS) to suit the vehicle, the automatic transmission may remain in third gear. The downloading of the correct software and programming the PCM/ECU can take around half an hour.

Step 2. Variant Programming/Coding

This step can be done either by CoolDrive technicians or by the workshop using either a Ford scan tool or a supported scan tool. Programming of the PCM/ECU with a scan tool is required to embed particular characteristics of the vehicle such as presence or absence of cruise control and anti-lock brake system, axle gear ratio, tyre size etc. For example, should the incorrect type of ABS be programmed into the PCM/ECU the speed calibration will be incorrect and the ABS may be inoperable.

CoolDrive supplies a variant coding information sheet to collect the correct information about the parameters/characteristics of the vehicle that includes the required information as listed above plus the family code of the PCM/ECU (ABU152) and the Ford part number (3R23-12A650-BF). This ensures CoolDrive programs the correct information into the PCM/ECU.

Step 3. Vehicle Introduction Programming

When the CoolDrive exchange unit arrives the workshop will need to conduct a Security Parameter Reset using a supported scan tool e.g. G-scan, Launch, Hanatech etc. This is commonly referred to as introducing the PCM/ECU to the vehicle (`handshake`) and allows the vehicle to run. Provided the workshop has a supported scan tool, the workshop can execute this procedure. However, the workshop can request CoolDrive to perform this procedure but CoolDrive requires the customer`s PCM/ECU + BCM + Key. Further, the programmer will need to perform an interior command centre reset so the radio will work when the exchange PCM/ECU is installed.

For further information regarding programming PCM/ECU`s, contact a CoolDrive Repair Centre.

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