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Holden Cruze JG Timing Belt Issue


Holden Cruze JG Timing Belt Issue


CoolDrive technicians often find they receive from workshops Holden Cruze JG ECUs for testing with a comment they think the ECU is faulty because the car is misfiring on one or more of the cylinders. Testing proves the ECU is good and that the camshaft sensor fault codes are often caused by a faulty timing belt.

CoolDrive Solution

Camshaft sensor fault codes P0365, P0366, P0340, P0341 can be related to wiring, the ECU or a faulty camshaft sensor. Prior to replacing the timing belt it is good practice to check and replace if necessary camshaft sensors and repair any related faulty wiring. Having first executed these checks camshaft sensor codes may appear on the scanner after the timing belt has been replaced. The codes may be the result of incorrect installation of the timing belt.

Technical Tip

Holden advises when removing or installing a timing belt it is important to use special alignment tools that are designed to execute this job.

The special tool is required because Holden Cruze JG 2009-2011 with engine F18D4 1.8L has camshafts that have a machined relief in the end of the shaft to allow the fitment of a locking plate and the sprockets are locked by a locating tool.

The reason is the camshaft sprockets are not key way located to the camshafts. They rely on the camshaft sprocket retaining bolt tension to maintain the camshaft sprocket to camshaft alignment. If the camshaft sprockets or camshaft move or are forced by trying to rotate any of the sprockets during a timing belt installation, the ECU will record a mismatch between the crankshaft and the camshaft sensors signals and log a camshaft sensor code.

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