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Turbocharger Fact Sheet

Turbocharger Fact Sheet


• Turbochargers are very reliable: less than 1% of turbo’s fail due to a manufacturing fault with the turbo itself.

• 95% of turbo failures are because of problems with oil starvation, oil contamination or foreign object damage.

Recommendations to do before installing a new Turbocharger

1. Run a scan tool diagnosis to ensure all sensors and engine checks are operating correctly, replace any faulty parts, clear code and recheck.

2. Replace engine oil as per OE Manufacturer’s workshop manual.

3. Remove air cleaner and replace with a new unit.

4. Smoke test the vehicle to ensure no pressure leaks are evident, which may cause the turbocharger to over speed.

5. Inspect and check the flow through the oil feed line and oil heat exchanger, blockages can cause a restricted flow of oil to the turbocharger.

6. Remove the Intercooler and clean, inspect all Intercooler hoses for cracks.

7. Remove the oil filter and cut open, inspect filter material for evidence of engine bearing material as this could indicate premature engine failure.

8. Replace the engine oil feed pipe with a new genuine pipe.

9. If oil feed is blocked, remove the sump and clean sludge and oil pick up strainer.

10. Perform a compression test. If slightly low remove injectors and inspect injector seals, worn seals can allow compression to leak up into the head, as well as a certain amount of diesel and combustion particles from the exhaust. Also, combustion of the fuel would be incomplete and hence combustion particles would be greater than normal and deposits will form around the turbocharger VNT mechanism, causing it to become sticky or locked. This increase in combustion particles is also going directly into the head, making it very sludgy.

11. Inspect the catalyst to ensure the exhaust system is not blocked causing back pressure against the turbocharger.

12. Inspect the Cam Chain Guide, this is made of Teflon and can delaminate and cause blockages.


CoolDrive Auto Parts constantly strives to only provide products of the highest quality. All Turbochargers purchased through CoolDrive Auto Parts are soured through either quality original equipment manufacturers or their equivalent. While we are able to provide these Turbochargers with absolute confidence in the quality, our standard 12-month warranty does not cover non-manufacturing faults, such as the one’s listed here.