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Everything for the Automotive Workshop from CoolDrive

4 Sep, 2019

CoolDrive Auto Parts, one of Australia’s largest national automotive parts distributors, has launched its annual workshop catalogue.

‘Tools & Equipment: Workshop Solutions’ is a 60-page catalogue containing details of over 300 individual workshop products offered from the CoolDrive range such as tools, equipment, supplies and consumables.

“CoolDrive aims to provide the mechanic workshops of Australasia with a one-stop-shop to purchase everything they could need to run a successful, modern automotive business,” John Blanchard, CEO, CoolDrive Auto Parts said.

"It’s all captured in the latest catalogue, which is available online or from our branches, making product comparisons and ordering extremely simple.”

Just about anything you can think of for an automotive workshop is available from CoolDrive, from the large items like vehicle hoists, tyre changing machines and wheel balancers, to the smaller like safety goggles and even workshop gloves.

There are the parts range like air filters, compressor parts, fans and components, fittings, air-line kits, heater taps, cores/assemblies and parts, hose, pipe and alloy lines, idler pulleys and brackets, O-rings and service kits, pressure switches, TX valves and thermostats.

Tools include the full range of AC tools, plus specialised tools for electrical, hybrid and EV applications, scan tools and diagnostic tool kits, and test kits for trucks and marine. Equipment offered includes compressors, condensers, evaporators, receiver driers and blowers.                                                                                                                 

Plus, as part of its ongoing focus on providing a full range of tools, equipment and services to workshops, CoolDrive has partnered with Bosch to offer specialised training courses on servicing hybrid and electric vehicles.

CoolDrive was founded over 40 years ago on automotive air-conditioning expertise and equipment, and while it’s now one of Australia’s largest national automotive parts distributors, air-conditioning remains central to the company’s core competency.

It therefore offers a broad range of air-conditioning system repair and refurbish equipment including Charging Stations, Recovery Machines with oil separators and driers, cooling system refillers, exchanger and test kits, single and two-stage vacuum pumps, wireless gas weighing scales, manifold gauge sets, gas leak detectors and dyes, refrigerant identifiers, flush machines, guns and tanks, and temperature and humidity loggers.

Additionally, there’s all manner of specialist air-conditioning tools for system maintenance and repair, including multimeters, scan tools, adaptors, couplers, clips and connectors, and crimper sets.

Ensuring it truly is a one-stop-shop for everything related to automotive air-conditioning, CoolDrive even offers the R134a and HFO-1234yf refrigerant itself.

Add to that an extensive range of oils and lubricants, and it’s hard to think of anything that an automotive workshop would need that isn’t available from CoolDrive. 

The ‘Tools & Equipment: Workshop Solutions’ catalogue is available online on iShop or from any of CoolDrive’s branches Australia-wide and in New Zealand.

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