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Change Drives Expansion at CoolDrive

20 May, 2020

Australia’s broad automotive landscape is constantly changing, as we have seen with the end of local car manufacturing here in recent years and the move in the heavy vehicle sector away from the traditional American-style trucks to those out of Europe and Japan.

There’s change too in the type of trucks being employed here, especially in the cities, with sales of light commercial style vehicles up almost six per cent in 2019 compared to a more modest two per cent for heavy commercial vehicles.

No doubt this is a reflection on the manoeuvrability of the lighter trucks in our increasingly traffic-choked cities, as well as more pragmatic issues such as running costs.

With more European and Japanese light and heavy commercial vehicles entering the Australian market, these often bring with them more advanced technologies and higher demands on electrical components, where commonly the alternator, battery and ECU are linked in series.

As the commercial vehicle market continues to diversify, so too has the offering from CoolDrive Auto Parts, as is reflected in the range of rotating electrical components it presents the market… especially with the company’s commitment to its customers to “Supply what the others can’t”.

CoolDrive is the absolute go-to place for any light commercial rotating electrical fitment, be it an Alternator, Starter Motor, Regulator, Rectifier or Bearings. It carries an extensive range of products from Mitsubishi, Sawafuji, Nikko, Hitachi, Bosch, Denso, Magneti Marelli, MAHLE Letrika and Valeo.

Additionally, there’s also a range of product from its house brand, Jaylec, which in some applications when required delivers benefits such as higher amperage at lower speed in Alternators, higher kW ratings for its Starter Motors, and higher-spec Bearings.

“With the market increasingly turning to light commercial vehicles, CoolDrive has invested in expertise and its product offering to ensure we can fulfil any customer requirement in this space,” David Haley, Category Manager, Rotating Electrical, said.

“At the same time, we can now offer a substantial range of rotating electrical for the heavy commercial market which has previously not been a focus of CoolDrive’s but which, again, we have addressed and invested in.

For this heavy commercial and heavy articulated truck market CoolDrive carries an extensive range of rotating electrical product from Delco Remy, MAHLE Letrika, Prestolite, Bosch and Denso.

Jaylec is a player in this space too with plans to launch an advanced range of Alternators toward the end of this year.

CoolDrive Auto Parts is one of Australasia’s largest independent distributors of all things automotive to the aftermarket and trade. Committed to ‘Supply what the others can’t’, the Australian-owned family business has more than 30 branches across the country and New Zealand.

Speak to your local CoolDrive team to find out more on our full Rotating Electrical range!

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