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CoolDrive Brings PETRONAS Transmission Lubricants to Australasia

1 Sep, 2021

CoolDrive Auto Parts is now distributing to the Australasian market the PETRONAS Tutela range of automatic transmission, manual gearbox and final drive lubricants. 

The addition of fourteen new products from the PETRONAS Tutela range further strengthens the extensive portfolio of oils and lubricants offered by CoolDrive, which already features the PETRONAS Syntium with °CoolTech™ engine oil range.

The PETRONAS Tutela range provides workshops and customers multiple advantages, the first being improved fuel consumption, which is achieved via the fluid’s lower viscosity in combination with strengthened fluid film resistance, which enhances the transmission’s efficiency, without compromising protection.

PETRONAS Tutela’s increased thermal stability and durability, meanwhile allows it to resist thermal and mechanical stress for longer periods, extending service intervals, reducing downtime and maintenance costs, all while offering outstanding protection for any intended application.

The formulations take into account modern automatic transmissions featuring high numbers of gears up to and including the latest 9 speed offerings from multiple manufacturers, as well as designs which utilise transmission fluid in the actuator and clutch.

Importantly, the range also offers outstanding noise and vibration control qualities, as well as smooth shifting, with the products the result of five years of research and development including technologies developed from PETRONAS’ involvement as a technical partner to the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team.

“It’s fantastic to welcome the ultra-high quality PETRONAS Tutela range to our fast growing lubrication offering now available at CoolDrive branches throughout Australia and New Zealand,” said Graeme Dyall, Product Manager - Underbody & Lubricants at CoolDrive Auto Parts.

“PETRONAS Tutela products are highly adaptable, they cover multiple specifications and approvals, which will give our customers the opportunity to reduce inventory holdings.

“The line-up is suitable for most vehicles, and priced very competitively when you consider the product’s quality.”

Leading the launch range at CoolDrive is PETRONAS Tutela Multi ATF 700, a top tier specification fully synthetic fluid for new, in-warranty vehicles, compatible with fluids such as GM Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV, ZF Lifeguard 8 & 9, Toyota WS and Nissan Matic C,D,J,K & S.

Backing this up is the PETRONAS Tutela ATF D3, a top-quality mineral oil designed specifically for older vehicles, which either meets or exceeds the specifications for GM Dexron III, Ford Mercon, Allison C-4 and ZF TE-ML-09.

Also in the top bracket are the PETRONAS Tutela CVT 700 and DCT 700 lines, catering to those specific transmission types including DSG for VW 6 & 7 Speed wet clutch & BMW Drivelogic 7 speed, while MTF 300 80W-90 is designed for most manual gearboxes where API GL-4 is recommended.

Completing the range are PETRONAS Tutela Axle 300 80W-90 (for final drives and gearboxes where API GL-5 is recommended), Axle 300 85W-140 (for differentials), and Axle 300 LS 80W-90 (for limited slip differentials), Tutela FE full synthetic 75W-90 GL-5 (for European and Japanese differentials and some manual gearboxes), ATF4+ (for Chrysler Group automatics) and CS Speed (for Alfa Selespeed).

The various products are available in a choice of pack sizes, from 1 litre bottles for top ups and small capacity gearboxes and differentials, through to 18 and 20 litre containers for busier workshops.

For the full listing details on all the PETRONAS Tutela range of Transmission Fluids, click here.

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