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CoolDrive Sets its Sights on Engine Management

13 Oct, 2022

CoolDrive Auto Parts is cementing its position in Australasia's engine management scene, headlined by the AFI range of products.

AFI is an established supplier of automotive electronic, fuel injection, engine management and ignition system components – and since 2016, has been part of the CoolDrive fold.

The specialised product range of AFI’s Petrol and Diesel Engine Management program consists of a diverse range of quality components to suit a huge array of vehicles and applications.

Complementing AFI in CoolDrive’s engine management program is a number of leading global brands including Denso, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, NTK, Walker, Nissens, Borg Warner, Valeo and Turbomaster Australia.

With CoolDrive only expanding into engine management a few years ago, its offering is extensive with all manner of equipment and parts available to its Australasian customers.

On offer are large components including fuel pumps and fuel pump modules, turbochargersthrottle bodies and vacuum pumps.

There is also an industry-leading range of sensors, including oxygen sensors, cam and crank sensors, MAP and boost sensors, air mass meters, knock sensors, pedal position sensors and more.

Both diesel and petrol fuel injectors are available, as are spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coil and lead sets, variable valve timing solenoids, along with EGR valvesEGR coolers and oil coolers.

Vehicle applications include popular models from manufacturers including Ford, GM, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Hyundai and Volkswagen, to name a few.

CoolDrive also has on offer scan tools to aid workshops in diagnosing issues and faults and minimise downtime.

For all your engine management needs, look no further than CoolDrive.

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