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GYS Diag-Startium Battery Charger, Starter & Support Unit

9 Feb, 2023

As part of CoolDrive Auto Parts’ partnership with GYS, it now offers the GYS DIAG-STARTIUM 3-in-1 advanced battery maintenance systems.

A battery charger, starter and support unit in one, the DIAG-STARTIUM is available in two models, the 60-12 and 60-24, to satisfy the needs of any modern workshop.

The 60-12 delivers 12V, while the 60-24 has a choice of 6V, 12V or 24V, selectable via the control panel, and is suitable for a host of vehicles including large commercial vehicles. 

Both models can charge liquid, gel and AGM batteries, but if this information is unknown, the user can select ‘Universal’ mode which will ensure a safe charge for any of these battery types.

Simple to use, with a large digital control panel, the advanced multi-stage units charge batteries to 100 percent, entering a ‘float’ mode when this is achieved, and do not require supervision or for the battery to be removed from the vehicle.

While during diagnostics and internal vehicle-software updates, a constant voltage is delivered, which in turn guarantees a charged battery after maintenance operations.

The DIAG-STARTIUM units deliver a continuous 60A of power without triggering the substation’s thermal-safety system.

Smart, the units permanently analyse the health of the battery and automatically adjust the output voltage, with the voltage and percentage of charge displayed in real time on the digital screen.

They also detect damaged or badly sulphated batteries, and in this instance, will not deliver current to protect the vehicle electronics. 

Manufactured in France, both the DIAG-STARTIUM 60-12 and 60-24 come delivered with 2.3m cables and insulated clamps.

Also available from CoolDrive in the GYS range are its GYSFlash Battery Support Units and the Powerduction Induction Heat Tool products, which were both new to CoolDrive’s expansive tools and equipment range last year.


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