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Streamlining Workshop Oil Requirements

3 Jul, 2023

CoolDrive is transforming the way workshops source bulk lubricant requirements with its innovative Oil Delivery Service. 

Comprising a fleet of utes and Fuso Canter 4.5T trucks, the service caters to different load capacities. Utes features a single electric pump-out detachable module can carry approximately 3 to 4 drums, while Fuso Canter trucks have an inbuilt PTO-operated dual hydraulic pump with a load capacity of about 6 to 8 drums.

The continuously-expanding fleet currently services Metro Melbourne, Geelong & Gippsland, Metro Sydney & Newcastle, Orange and surrounds, Adelaide and surrounds, and Canberra and surrounds. 

CoolDrive’s advantage lies in controlling the entire distribution process, from picking stock to the final drop-off, unlike competitors who rely on third-party logistics (3PL) through lubricant suppliers. This allows CoolDrive to react quickly to and accurately fulfil customer orders, including emergencies, and service customers’ requirements better than 3PL providers. 

Orders are delivered directly to workshops by drivers, who either drop off the products or provide a drum drop-off or pump-out service into on-site storage tanks. This ensures a timely and competitively priced supply of lubricants. CoolDrive is also committed to environmental sustainability, where it can also assist customers with exchanging and recycling depleted drums.

CoolDrive provides a wide range of lubricants, including PETRONAS Syntium passenger vehicle engine oils, PETRONAS Urania commercial vehicle engine oils, and PETRONAS Tutela range for ATF, MTF, and final drive lubricants, and Castrol lubricants are also available in various sizes, including 20L and 205L drums, ideal for workshops.

CoolDrive Auto Parts' oil delivery service is changing the game for workshops requiring bulk lubricant supplies. With a specialised fleet of vehicles, expansive service areas, efficient delivery, and a wide range of high-quality lubricants, CoolDrive is the go-to choice for workshops across Australia.

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