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Your Workshop Partner in Vehicle Diagnostics

5 Jul, 2023

Widely respected as a supplier of leading tools and equipment, CoolDrive also prides itself on offering technical resources and training sessions, supported by one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

“At CoolDrive, we recognise how time-challenged workshop technicians can be, sometimes working off limited information and many times having to rely on their own intuition to determine the correct course of action. At the same time, dealing with diverse technology that come within modern vehicles,’’ Tools and Equipment - Category Manager, Matthew Douglass said.

“We want to remove any complexity around new technologies and have set ourselves a mission to become a leader in the growing diagnostics sector, working in conjunction with market-leading suppliers.

“This is where diagnostics can assist, providing essential information about how systems work together and why certain problems occur in different areas of a vehicle. By utilising diagnostics, technicians can focus on what they need to do through the elimination of unnecessary work, to minimise downtime and ultimately deliver improved customer satisfaction.”

All in the data

CoolDrive’s diagnostics range is extensive, with all manner of software, scan tools and complementary equipment available.

An essential for workshops is the Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online. It , which has set a new standard in workshop diagnostic software, enabling faster, more efficient and more effective maintenance, service and repairs than ever before.Featuring the ESI[tronic] 2.0 software are the state-of-the-art Bosch KTS 250, 560 and 590 multifunctional testers, fitted with all the necessary tools for step-by-step fault diagnostics.

A leading benefit of the ESI[tronic] 2.0 software – and featured on the KTS scan tools – is Bosch’s Secure Diagnostics Access which is a centralised, integrated and standardised function providing access to secure vehicle data from participating vehicle manufacturers.

CoolDrive ensures complete Australasian car parc coverage in its product range with further diagnostic scan tools available from brands such as FCAR, Launch, Autel, Car-Daq and Jal-Test.

CoolData is CoolDrive’s technical resource platform which enables workshops to diagnose, maintain and repair vehicles and trucks with technical drawings, a unique electronics data module including wiring diagrams and guided tests, and intelligent diagnostics.

Some of the many benefits of CoolData include detailed step-by-step maintenance instructions, estimated repair times and guided diagnostics to help a workshop boost productivity and improve workflow.

Providing further support for workshops undertaking diagnostic work is the Curien N2 Neuron, - the industry’s first compact two channel Bluetooth graphing multimeter which provides electrical testing accuracy and versatility in the palm of a hand. 

While a PicoScope Oscilloscope can measure and test virtually all the electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle, turning a workshop’s computer into a powerful diagnostic tool.

CoolDrive also offers both the Bosch KTS 560/590 VCI’s as well as the CarDAQ-Plus®3 – J2534 programming tools, which eliminates diagnostic uncertainty by enabling OEM diagnostics and reprogramming applications across multiple vehicle brands using a single pass-thru device.

There’s also the range of Prologics diagnostic kits for testing and eliminating electrical sensor faults, as well as larger machines such as the AFI Diagnostic Smoke Machine to help identify air leaks.

ADAS Calibration

Recognising the increased use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in new vehicles, CoolDrive has recently welcomed a range of calibration equipment from Bosch.

“The importance of calibrating ADAS systems cannot be understated, even slight misalignments at the ADAS sensors can result in uncontrolled braking and adaptive cruise control operation, unwarranted triggering of braking-assist system, total shut down of ADAS and emergency braking distance systems,” detailed Matthew detailed.

Also available through CoolDrive are the GYSFlash PRO Battery Support Units (BSUs) which keep modern vehicle lead-acid and lithium batteries at a perfectly stabilised voltage  through dedicated charging curves, providing energy for when the engine is turned off, which is critical for any diagnostics and ADAS calibration work.


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