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CoolDrive Expands Air-Con Range with New Jayair & Bosch Offerings

17 Oct, 2023

CoolDrive Auto Parts has expanded its air-conditioning tools offerings, welcoming the latest products from Jayair and Bosch to the shelves.

Jayair has been a leading brand in the automotive air conditioning space for over 40 years, with components for both passenger vehicles and heavy-duty applications.

Headlining the new offerings is a A2L Vacuum Pump, which is a two-stage direct pump suitable for use with A2L refrigerant – R1234yf, R134a, R404A and R32. With a 150 litre per minute (L/M) direct drive, the unit achieves a deep 25-micron vacuum. The 1440 low RPM, high-torque motor delivers a long life, and the unit includes a solenoid  valve to protect the system if a power failure occurs

There’s also a new Jayair A2L Refrigerant Recovery Unit - an oil-less, single-cylinder, air-cooled machine, capable of recovering all commonly used refrigerants. With a thermally protected brushless DC motor and impressive high recovery rates – liquid 2.0kg/min, vapour 0.293 kg/min, push/pull 5.93kg/min – the unit is a must-have for any workshop dealing with vehicle air-conditioning.

Jayair has also introduced dedicated A2L Refrigerant Recovery Recycling Cylinders, in further support to its customers already reaping the financial benefits of recovering and recycling their R134a refrigerant.

With R1234yf classified as a dangerous good, the Jayair cylinders meet AS 2030.5 and are clearly marked with one of the Class 2.1 flammable gas labels, and colour coded to identify either Recovery (yellow), or Red to define A2L refrigerant. While it is not mandatory to recover and recycle R1234yf, it does make economic sense, due the cost of the refrigerant, and this recovery process also plays a pivotal role in reducing environmental and global warming impact.

Complementing these new Jayair arrivals are the new Bosch ACS 563 and ACS 553 service units, for both R1234yf and R134a AC systems. 

These new additions to the range offer the right balance between performance and functionality, covering service tasks such as refrigerant recovery, recycling, and refrigerant recharging. These advantages are available at a budget-friendly price, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and quality.

CoolDrive also offers a full spectrum of Bosch ACS Series vehicle air conditioning service units, in a number of different specifications, with the systems feature-packed to include a wide range of user-friendly advancements.

Moreover, all Bosch charging stations come with a solid two-year warranty, further enhancing their reputation for reliability and quality.

For further information on the new Jayair and Bosch additions at CoolDrive, and its entire air-conditioning range, please contact your local CoolDrive branch.

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