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CoolDrive: The Home of Automotive Scan Tools & Diagnostic Equipment

31 Jul, 2019

CoolDrive Auto Parts is enhancing its reputation as the one-stop-shop for the automotive trade, with a wide range of scan tools and diagnostic equipment now available nationwide.

Expert diagnosis is simplified with complete solutions from Autologic, the market leader with cutting edge Pass-Thru VCIs, Pico Automotive Scopes, which are coupled with expert guidance and live support.

The full suite of products enables workshops to tackle issues with even the most advanced modern cars with greater confidence, efficiency and profitability.

Leading the charge for Autologic is DrivePRO, the latest innovation in workshop diagnostics, combining the up-to-the-minute software with real-time expert diagnostic support from OEM-trained master technicians.

Providing fast and reliable analysis, the system provides a full range of functions for modern cars, from flash programming and coding to electronic brake pad replacement setting, to DPF and SCR resets, steering angle and ride height calibrations, as well as engine adaption reset, key coding and remote adaptation, plus more.

The system features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as built-in microphones, speakers and dual cameras for live remote support via AutologicLive Technical Support, giving users access to expert advice at the push of a button.
Also available is the Autologic PicoScopes range, the perfect PC Oscilloscope for measuring and testing virtually all the electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle.

PicoScope turns a workshop’s PC into a powerful diagnostic tool, allowing users a view of the changing signals inside wires, directly on the screen.

CoolDrive also offers the CarDAQ-Plus®3 - J2534 Programming tool from Drew Technologies, which has been strenuously tested, validated, and accepted by technicians, dealerships and OEMs worldwide.

Outside of supplying a wide range of diagnostic equipment, CoolDrive also supports the automotive trade with three electronic repair centres, which services all of Australia from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The state-of-the-art centres provide a unique testing and repair service for the industry, covering everything from obsolete early model systems to the latest in high technology.

Highly trained staff have the expertise to test, diagnose and repair a wide range of systems, from ABS modules, ECU units, ignition and climate control modules, as well as security systems and complicated security integrated engine control systems.

Further information on CoolDrive’s wide range of scan tools and diagnostic equipment, as well as the brand’s electronic repair centres, is available on iShop or through CoolDrive Auto Parts branches nationwide.

CoolDrive Auto Parts is one of Australasia’s largest automotive parts distributors with a comprehensive range of automotive air conditioning, rotating electrical, electrical accessories, engine cooling, engine management, underbody, braking and suspension products. CoolDrive Auto Parts is 100 percent family-owned and operated, and has over 30 branches in Australia and New Zealand.

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