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Bosch ACS Series Vehicle Air Conditioning Service Units Now Available at CoolDrive Auto Parts

16 Oct, 2019

Automotive industry leader Bosch has launched a new range of advanced-technology car air-conditioning service units that are now available in Australasia through CoolDrive Auto Parts.

Paying due deference to CoolDrive’s origins as an automotive air-conditioning specialist, Bosch has chosen to offer its next-level ACS 863ACS 763ACS 753 service units through the national automotive parts distributor. 

Also available are ACS 653 and ACS 663 which set the new standard in air conditioning servicing.

The Bosch ACS units are operator-oriented to make maintenance of R1234yf & R134a systems in cars and commercial vehicles as easy as possible, whether the work required is for service or repair.

Each mobile ACS unit features an adjustable control console for enhanced operator viewing no matter how tight the workshop confines may be, and the durable modular design ensures all functions are easily controlled, aided by the Bosch ACS Connect smartphone app that allows users to check the status of vehicle A/C system maintenance in real-time.

Bosch’s ACS air-conditioning service units provide contextual shortcut help messages to guide operators through the servicing process, which is operationally selectable between fully automatic and single service modes.

The innovative and exclusive "Deep Recovery" function ensures 99% of the refrigerant is recovered quickly and efficiently and combines with a dual-stage vacuum pump with the highest flow rate on the market (170l/min) to achieve faster and most importantly deeper dehydration of the air-conditioning system.

There’s also an integrated system of pressure and temperature controls.

The ACS 863 is equipped with a refrigerant identifier that can quickly check the purity of refrigerants (optional on ACS 763, 753, 663, 653).

Designed for both e-vehicle and conventional air-conditioning systems, the Bosch ACS units avoid the danger of cross-contamination of lubricants thanks to their independent oil injection systems, user-fillable sealed bottles and an automated flushing cycle for the service hoses at every oil change.

Other features include an integrated leak detection system for inert gasses (NOx, Nitrogen, Formiergas), an optional refrigerant purity identifier, and an optimal 22-litre refrigerant tank which delivers the best balance between charging performance, flushing and dead space.

“We are entering the peak air-conditioning period nationally, where the hot weather means air-conditioning units are being used just about everywhere, so servicing and maintenance requirements are now at the forefront of minds for workshops around the country,” David Pude, Product Manager – Air Conditioning, CoolDrive Auto Parts said.

“Bosch’s new ACS range of units are state-of-the-art and have been developed from the experiences of customers with earlier units, with the primary purpose of ensuring the easiest and most effective servicing regime in the workshop to reduce downtime.”

The Bosch ACS range of air-conditioning service units meets SAE and European standards for servicing cars and commercial vehicles, ensuring correct and environmentally friendly handling of refrigerants.

Further information on the Bosch ACS units and CoolDrive's full range of Automotive Air Conditioning Service Equipment is available via CoolDrive Auto Parts branches nationwide or online on iShop.

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