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Get the Job Done with Komodo Workshop Gloves - Specifically Designed for Mechanics

7 Oct, 2019

CoolDrive Auto Parts' range of Komodo Work Gloves is in stock!

Designed for mechanics in auto workshops, Komodo Gloves come in three styles, the Mechanic's Range, the Gripster range and the Leather Man Range with all three being specifically designed for purpose. Gloves can be made as tough as you like but it must be remembered that gloves need to work-friendly and enhance the wearers to perform as well as protecting hands.

Central to the Komodo Range is their unique mechanical rating system which classifies gloves with a rating in terms of :

  • Resistance to Abrasion

  • Resistance to Cuts

  • Resistance to Tearing

  • Resistance to Punctures

Leather Man

The very best of both worlds, in one glove! 

Using the softest most supple goatskin leather on the palm and forefinger, this leather is renowned for strength comfort. This combined with the latest in advanced fabrics for the back of the palm with modern synthetic, breathable and impact-absorbing fabrics. 

All components are double sewn together for longevity and extended performance. 

The natural, full-fisted, gripping abilities that only high-quality goatskin leather can achieve. 4-way easy-flex spandex used for the best wrist and finger movement. Felt-lined for further initial comfort and support during use. Comforting Neoprene knuckle bump and scratch protection. Low hand-clenching fatigue. 

Mechanic's Glove

A genuine mechanic’s glove made to impress as an established product in the premium KOMODO® range. 

The KOMODO® mechanic’s glove is precisely just that but we’ve mastered the details - a glove designed to enhance any mechanical experience with the perfect balance of toughness, durability, comfort, feel dexterity and fingertip sensitivity. 

An honest all-day glove that will see you through the gears and won’t slow you down, it’s oil and fuel resistant too! 

Finely Textured Sandy Grip for a Loyal Grip even on wet or greasy surfaces. Moderate heat handling. Luxury cooling fabrics for breathability, overall comfort and ease of hand movement. Double Dipped Nitrile coating, unaffected by oilfuelchemicals, even battery acid

The Mechanic's glove has been designed with a balance of toughness, durability, comfort, feel, dexterity and fingertip sensitivity. It is rated 4121 in the system above.

Gripster Glove

An all-purpose, heavy-duty trade glove.

Hand-Cut protection need not be expensive! Hand safety that everyone can afford. The KOMODO® One Blue delivers the performance and safety to get the job done. Designed and engineered to give maximum bang for buck.

Manufactured with certified cut resistance fibres to level 1 and coated with a tough layer of polyurethane (PU) for durability. Yet still retaining genuine KOMODO® comfort and control that users have come to know and love.

• Suitable across multiple industries, including construction, mining, trade and home repairs.
• Tough Black PU coating.
• Chemical resistance PU dip.
• Washable and reusable.
• Independently tested and certified to Australian/New Zealand standards.

It is rated 2121 in the rating system.

Find out more about the entire Komodo Work Gloves range on iShop!

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