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Ignite Driving Light Wiring Harnesses

30 Sep, 2019

The Ignite Driving Light Harness provides simple 1,2,3 installation for any of the Ignite Driving Lights, Lightbars, or Worklamps to your vehicle.

Part Number: IWH001

A complete Premium Heavy Duty Wiring Harness kit that features easy "Plug and Play" assembly that dramatically reduces fitting times for the workshop or allowing the unqualified retail customer to install their lights themselves. It provides multiple lighting combinations to be all plugged into the one harness. No tools, no experience is required for fast and easy universal fitment.

All of the individual looms are housed in braided sleeving providing complete protection against pinching or accidentally being cut and allows for easier pull through grommets or holes. Supplied with a 12 volt, 60 Amp relay mounted on a pre-wired based with further electronic enclosed, the Harness suits Negative or Positive switched vehicles, comes with a relay, a fuse, connection to the lights as well as including a rocker switch in the kit. For those who are looking for a clean original look and don’t want to modify the dash in their vehicle, there is also a range of OE Push Button Switches available to plug into the harness which then provides manual On/Off functionality.

The harness also has provision for the OE Switch with a separate plugin loom also supplied in the kit. The OE Switches come with LED illumination and with a Driving Light, Lightbar or Roof symbol on the switch actuator.

The Ignite Driving Light Harness is the most comprehensive driving light harness available on the market but also provides the simplest installations when the right connections are chosen. It complies with ADR regulations meaning that the harness must connect via the high beam circuit to allow the blights to operate.


Five separate leads split away from the relay and its mounting base, they are all clearly labelled of their required connections and they are;


1x Power Supply Lead (Red wire)

The power supply lead has an inline weatherproof Maxi Blade Fuse Holder containing a 40amp Fuse along with a terminated eyelet terminal providing simple installation to the Battery Positive Terminal.

1x Earth Lead (Black wire)

The earth lead is also supplied with a terminated eyelet terminal for easy connection to the Battery Negative Terminal.


1x Headlamp Lead with a Female Deutsch connector

The headlamp lead connects to all of the different Headlamp Adaptor Harness Kits, allowing for the Lights to function with the High Beam circuit (refer to application listing for the range of different Headlight Adaptors).


1x Lamps Lead with Male Deutsch connector

The lamps lead provides a connection to the driving lamps or lightbar via an adaptor harness (refer to application listing for the range of different adaptor harnesses depending on what type of lamp is being installed). If you are installing a Large Lightbar (ILB600, ILB800, ILB900, ILBC600, ILBC900 or ILBC1300) then this plug will directly connect to the Deutsch connector on the Lightbar.


1x Switch Lead with a small plug

The switch lead connects the Rocker switch that is included in the kit. It provides manual On/Off operation of the lights. The small plug on the lead is ideal in providing easy access to pull the lead through a firewall grommet and also allowing the installer the ability to use an existing grommet without having to drill any further holes in the firewall.


The Wiring Harness is also supplied with an On/Off Blue LED Illuminated Rocker Switch that has a Driving Light imprint on the actuator.

The Rocker Switch also comes pre-wired with 500mm of wire protected by small convoluted tubing, as well as the matching small plug to connect into the main wiring loom.

Another Switch loom is further included. It is similar in appearance to the previous switch loom mentioned but comes with no switch and is supplied with a male green plug. This switch loom is for the customer who prefers to use an OE Push Button Switch (refer to application listing for the range of OE Switches) and does not want to use the Rocker Switch supplied in the kit. Again, this loom has the matching small plug to connect into the main wiring loom.

There is a range of different harnesses to adapt to your lighting applications whether that be for a set of driving lights, Lightbar with Driving Lights or 2 x Lightbars, the Ignite Harness adaptors have it all covered. There is even a 4mm Harness to allow the necessary length to mount Lightbars on the rear sports bar of utilities.

Find out more about about the Ignite Driving Light Wiring Harness, Headlamp Adaptor Kits, Lighting Harness Adaptor Kits, OE Style Push Button Switches on iShop!

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