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Team CoolDrive ESeries Round Two

14 Apr, 2020

The BP Supercars All Stars Eseries heads to famous F1 tracks, Silverstone (UK) and Barcelona (Spain) for round two tomorrow night. Round one went off with a bang so this week’s races are almost guaranteed to be spectacular entertainment!  

Team CoolDrive’s Macauley Jones has put in the practice hours over Easter and is looking to better his results this time round. 

“It was so good to be racing something, getting the adrenalin flowing and some pressure that us race car drivers thrive on,” said Macca. 

“I really enjoyed the experience but I’m not gonna lie, at times it was frustrating! When you can’t seem to get the lap together as well as you want, or you get involved in the carnage of the race starts. But you have to just get on with the job and focus on your race.

“I prepared for these races like I would a normal race, eating similar foods, having a coffee pre-race, as well as pre-practice 90's hip hop beats. The racing was pretty intense, I was getting up a bit of a sweat sitting in the living room with my race suit on and dad on the couch!” 

And for the first time, prize money has also been introduced with a $1000 prize for the round winner, donated to the drivers charity of choice.

ARMOR ALL qualifying will now be broadcast exclusively live from 6pm on Fox Sports 506 after impressive ratings from round one. The broadcast will then continue from 7pm AEST on Fox Sports 506, 10 Play and on our Facebook page. 

On the racing schedule is three timed quali sessions for Race 1,3 and 4, the results of Race 1 at Silverstone will determine the reverse grid starting order for Race 2, which we saw last week at Phillip Island. 

The opening races at both Silverstone and Barcelona will be sprint races, lasting approximately 15 minutes while the second and fourth races of the night will be regular races lasting 20 minutes each, with one compulsory pit stop required in all four races.

A staggering 210,736 viewers tuned in live last week from around the world. Head to our CoolDrive Auto Parts Facebook page to watch all the action from 7pm AEST tomorrow night. Macca will battle it out in the UK and Spain against all the Supercars regulars and F1 gun Max Verstappen! Get a prime seat on the couch because you’re in for a show!

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