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CoolDrive's Future Proof Range for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

15 Jul, 2020

CoolDrive Auto Parts has plugged into the growing hybrid and electric vehicle market, with a full suite of specialist charging equipment, parts and accessories now available nationwide.

Paving the way for fast and efficient charging of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) is the JET Charge range, providing turnkey infrastructure, and compatibility with all EVs in the Australian market.

“The JET Charge range and service offering is at the forefront of solutions for an EV future, with fast charging hardware solutions appropriate for every application, and the ability to install Australia wide, gives CoolDrive the market edge” said David Haley, CoolDrive Category Manager.

“The fact that JET Charge has the backing of leading car brands is a tribute to the quality of the products.

“Electric vehicle sales in Australia doubled between 2018 and 2019, so it’s an area of massive growth for the automotive sector, and with JET Charge, we are proud to supply this leading technology to the marketplace.”

Topping the product range is the Chargemate, a 7.2kw/22kw smart charger that is optimised for compatibility and flexibility, with fast charging available via either single or three phase power supply.

The compact and robust design allows for various mounting options in different locations, with the system allowing for connectivity with the Chargefox app and EV charging network.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus meanwhile is a practical and intelligent charging system, which connects to the myWallbox charging management platform using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Optimised for maximum charging performance, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus also adapts to any installation, be it home, parking garages or the commercial environment.

The Wallbox App and myWallbox Portal combine to give users a host of monitoring and reporting options, including the availability of programming charging sessions to times when energy prices are lower.

The QUBEV Fully Featured EV Charger Unit completes the range with a simple, affordable and discreet EV charging solution.

With a universal charging socket, users can choose between four charge ratings, from 6A through to 32A.

CoolDrive also provide a Three Phase Portable EVSE Charger, which offers a range of options for those on the go, with the range completed by adapter cables to suit a multitude of applications.

All wall mounted systems require installation by a certified A-Grade Electrician, which can be arranged from CoolDrive and installed via the JET Charge installation network.

Meanwhile, CoolDrive also supplies all of the tools and accessories to future proof your workshop for the shift to electric vehicles.

Available now are the full Tolsen range of insulated tools, as well as Salisbury safety gear, including Arc Flash Facofe Shield and Helmet, as well as insulated gloves.

CoolDrive are proud to stock the Jaylec range of safety products, including gloves, insulated mats, signage and first aid supplies.

The Bosch Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Tester, is a cost-effective entry to professional diagnostics, hand held device offering high voltage analysis and a range of test settings, complete with Bluetooth connectivity and internal data storage.

Finally, CoolDrive is proud to work with Bosch Australia to offer practical training sessions regarding the latest Hybrid and Electric Vehicle technologies.

Topics covered include design principles and components, hybrid and electric vehicle structures, battery technology, drivelines and e-machines, as well as vehicle and personal safety precautions.

Also now available is a session focussed on Electronic Battery Management, giving technician’s insight into vehicle electrical charging system fundamentals, alternator types and evolution, power management strategies, battery sensing systems, and much more.

Booking information is available through CoolDrive’s nationwide chain of branches, with further information on all electric and hybrid vehicle systems, components, tools and accessories available on iShop.

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