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Trail-Link Keeping CoolDrive Truck & Trailer Customers Connected

15 Jun, 2020

Australia’s premier auto parts distributor, CoolDrive Auto Parts, has added the iconic Trail-Link range of products to its offering.

Trail-Link, an Australian-owned company, has over the last 15 years, established a staunch reputation for high performance, quality and reliable electrical connectors and accessories to suit connections between prime movers to trailers.

Included in the collection available through CoolDrive will be Suzi coils, air coils, Electronic Braking System (EBS) coils, plus a full assortment of plugs, sockets and accessories.

“No matter the prime mover to trailer connection required, Trail-Link has developed a suite of products that will keep you moving, and stopping, all day every day,” said David Heydrich, CoolDrive Auto Parts Category Manager – Electrical Accessories.

“The Trail-Link story is impressive; from Suzi links, they have grown their product range to feature a huge array of applications, with all of the accessories, and wiring diagrams to get the job hooked up perfectly.”

Trail-Link's high-quality electrical Suzi Coils formed the cornerstone of the business in 2004, with industry demand seeing their prowess spread to other products.

The Suzi coils are constructed from high-quality polyurethane, selected for unbeatable wear-and-tear resistance, with the coils being weather, oil, grease, abrasion and UV resistant, all while featuring excellent recoil memory to reduce sag.

Featuring both DIN and SAE/Euro plug options, an assortment of working lengths between 1.7m and 4.6m are available, with all components and completed units tested to ensure faultless function before leaving the factory.

Meanwhile, Trail-Link’s high-performance air Suzi coils are manufactured from top quality polyurethane to produce an anti-kink, anti-sag and abrasive resistant coil with an excellent memory.

The air Suzi coils feature high flexibility, superior cold weather operation and increased burst pressure, to ensure extended service life.

The brand’s EBS Coils are produced with the same high standards as the Suzi coils, and come complete with the standard ABS/EBS plug and catch combination, providing constant power from prime mover to trailer ensuring safer breaking and peace of mind.

They are available with 12, 24 volt or multi-volt plugs.

The Trail-Link range available at CoolDrive comes complete with a vast array of plugs and accessories to match the selection of connectors.

Find out more on the full range of Trail-Link Suzi coils, Air coils, EBS coils, and the full assortment of plugs, sockets & accessories on iShop today!

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