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CoolDrive Expands 4WD Essentials

3 Mar, 2020

With the global growth in recreational four-wheel driving and the ever-challenging work asked of commercial and industrial off-road vehicles, there is an increasing demand in the marketplace for accessories to support these needs.

CoolDrive Auto Parts is a key player in the 4WD, RV and off-road sector with its ever-expanding range of accessories built for these extreme conditions, all available through its network of more than 30 branches across Australia and New Zealand.

“Every enthusiast or engineer has different needs or preferences, so we have tried to provide as versatile range of accessories as possible ensuring that they are easily fitted and most importantly work effectively,” David Heydrich, Category Manager - Electrical Accessories said.

“The options seem endless, there is something to suit every purpose and price point, and we’re continuing to work on other additions to further expand our range.”

New to its product line-up are some LED-based lighting options led by HULK 4x4, highlighted by a 36 LED Ultra Slimline Dual-Row 180W Driving Lamp Lightbar with a combined beam that has a weather-proof pre-wired Deutsch connector and dual mounting options.

Also, from HULK 4x4 is a 24 LED 35W Square Worklamp with a 60-degree flood beam and bug-eye optical lens, as well as a LED work light with integrated speakers and torch, LED camping light, inspection lamp and headlamp torch.

Demonstrating the diversity of accessories available to the dedicated four-wheel driver, CoolDrive has a new range of HULK 4x4 sockets, plugs, gauges and housings, all of which would equally be at home in caravan, marine and truck applications.

For the application that’s tight on space, HULK 4x4 offers a compact switch-size dual USB outlet and two switch-size blue illuminated gauges, a dual voltmeter and a voltmeter/ammeter.

There’s a line-up of new OLED technology gauges – voltmeter, ammeter and temperature meter – all with bright amber digital displays making them quick and easy to read, in a conventional 29mm cylindrical shape for flush or surface mounting in existing dashboards or housings.

Accessory gauges are available too with a conventional digital readout as a voltmeter, ammeter, dual voltmeter, dual voltmeter and ammeter, and voltmeter with coloured indicator display and overcharge warning. All fit 29mm installation in flush or surface mount applications and use blue illumination.

Reflecting the fitment of more and more electronic technology and accessories to our vehicles or the use of mobile phones, tablets and the like in-field, CoolDrive has a range of accessory sockets and plugs for in-car fitment.

These are available in conventional, Engel and Merit configurations, all suit 12-24V DC power, fit a 29mm cylindrical hole and have a protective rubber cap to keep out dust and moisture.

To match, there’s a line-up of plugs in conventional, Engel and Merit styles and then a trio of illuminated USB sockets in dual 2.4amp, high output dual Quick Charge with 2.4 amp and QC 3.03 18W, or high output dual quick charge with QC 3.03 18W and type C QC 4.0 35W configurations.

CoolDrive also stocks the impressive Ignite lighting range, which now consists of over 200-part numbers covering an assortment of applications.

This range includes a handy rechargeable 3W LED hands-free Head Light with on/off motion sensor and Li-ion battery, ideal for roadside use, as well as a rechargeable 6W Inspection Light with three rechargeable light heads, a torch, an inspection lamp and a flood lamp. This unit has a bendable body, a hook and magnets at the bottom for mounting.

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