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Sleek Look, Backed by Sleek Performance – Jaylec Black Series

19 Jul, 2021

The Jaylec Rotating range has been a continually evolving platform at CoolDrive Auto Parts.

Ever since the early days when CoolDrive first introduced its Alternator and Starter Motor program, the family-owned automotive parts distributor has placed quality as its first consideration when launching new products.

“And over the last three years, CoolDrive has taken it to the next level,” said David Haley, Category Manager – Rotating Electrical, CoolDrive Auto Parts.

 “We’ve raised the bar on our Jaylec alternators and starter motors with the use of OE components and high quality suppliers in our aftermarket products. INA clutch pullies are used where available, NSK bearings are our bearings of choice as a standard product, and OE regulators are being fitted when needed.

 “The results speak for themselves, with lower warranty rates and an increase in customer satisfaction."

 Using this strategy – in the second quarter of 2021, CoolDrive will be releasing a new range of products targeted at the performance 4x4 and heavy duty markets, the Jaylec Black Series.

 “Our strategy of giving the market a high quality unit at a reasonable price will always be at the forefront of our range development and the Jaylec Black Series is a perfect example,” continued David Haley.

 “The BKS-LS215 is the first unit in the Black Series and has been specially developed for the performance market.

 “The 215 Amp alternator is suited for LS engines and uses a different stator technology to keep the output high at low RPM, a different design of internal fans to keep the unit cooler, NSK bearings as standard and Mobiletron regulator for superior charging characteristics.”

 The Jaylec Black Series from CoolDrive Auto Parts will be initially released with five different units, with plans for the range to expand and evolve in response to market demands.

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