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Redefining Braking Performance with Evolve F2S Street Edition Rotors from Bremtec Brakes

7 Sep, 2021

Part of the Bremtec Brakes range at CoolDrive is the newly released Evolve F2S Street Edition range of Performance rotors, which are engineered with unique HPC (Hyper Pillar Cooling) venting for improved air flow to resist cracking and metal fatigue.

The Evolve F2S rotors are manufactured in High-Carbon for longer life and durability.

Born from racing technology, the Evolve F2S rotors have Bremtec’s hyper groove slotting for better braking consistency and feature a brake temperature paint applied to the edge of the rotor to easily monitor effects of driving styles.

Evolve F2S Street Edition Brake rotors are suited for a range of European, Australian, Japanese & American high-performance vehicles and 4WDs.

You can be confident that Evolve F2S is the new evolution of Performance Brake Disc Rotors.

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