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Train Up for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles with CoolDrive

9 Feb, 2022

CoolDrive Auto Parts’ commitment to automotive workshops continues, with the release of its 2022 schedule of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technical Training courses.

Conducted in partnership with Bosch, the single-day CoolDrive courses are being offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth on multiple dates throughout the year.
“Our hybrid and electric vehicle technical training courses were launched in 2019 and in that time have proven incredibly popular with technicians,” David Haley, Category Manager, CoolDrive Auto Parts said.
“The number of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads is steadily increasing, which in turn is calling for specialised knowledge and training for workshops to ensure appropriate and safe, servicing and repair of these vehicles.
“These technical courses provide in-depth knowledge and training to technicians with two topics now on offer – an overview of hybrid and electric vehicle systems, or electronic battery management.”
The ‘Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Systems’ course covers design principles and components, hybrid and electric vehicle structures, battery technology, drivelines and e-machines, as well as vehicle and personal safety precautions.

While the ‘Electronic Battery Management’ will give technicians insight into vehicle electrical charging system fundamentals, alternator types and evolution, power management strategies, battery sensing systems, and much more.
These training courses complement CoolDrive’s range of specialised hybrid and electric vehicle spare parts, tools, equipment and workshop apparel.
Over 180 related spare parts and 25 different tools and chargers are stocked by CoolDrive including the Bosch FSA 050 Tester for insulation testing, and Chargemate and Wallbox smart chargers.
Available also is the full Tolsen range of insulated tools, as well as Salisbury safety gear, including Arc Flash Face Shield and Helmet, as well as insulated gloves.
CoolDrive is also proud to stock the Jaylec range of safety products, including gloves, insulated mats, signage and first aid supplies.

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