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Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Parts, Diagnostics and Workshop Services Available Through CoolDrive

7 Nov, 2022

CoolDrive Auto Parts is proud to stock Bosch automotive aftermarket parts, diagnostics equipment, and support the brand’s comprehensive workshop services offering.

A preferred supplier to the Bosch Car Service Network, CoolDrive Auto Parts’ offering covers engine management, braking, alternators and starter motors, wiper blades, diagnostic scan tools and software, ADAS, plus full support via technical training programs.

Produced to the highest OE standards, Bosch parts have an enviable reputation in workshops worldwide.

Included in the lines carried by CoolDrive Auto Parts is an extensive range of ignition coils and oxygen sensors, which have been optimised to provide the ultimate in reliability and efficiency, produced from high-quality materials with bespoke designs for each final application.

The Bosch brand is synonymous with diesel injection systems, after the company launched the first common-rail design into the marketplace in 1997.

The range has grown over a century of innovation to include fuel injectors, fuel rail assemblies, specialist valves, plus high-pressure fuel pumps for a wide range of popular models, in addition to a comprehensive array of glow plugs in various designs.

Motorsport technology is brought to the road via the Bosch line-up of spark plugs, which in 2022 celebrates 120 years of development.

The offering extends from standard units to double iridium, platinum and double platinum designs, for every application.

Additionally, Bosch offers comprehensive coverage for gasoline injection systems and parts, sensors, actuators, fuel pump units and modules

As a key OE partner, the Bosch range of brake discs and brake pads provide top braking performance, which is achieved through the deployment of premium materials, which is backed up by a comprehensive offering of brake fluids, for both general workshop and specialist use.

Bosch alternators, starter motors, relays & regulators also provide CoolDrive Auto Parts with a key product area, with products dedicated to popular passenger car models, plus for use in commercial and heavy-duty applications.

The Bosch range of wiper blades covers both front and rear fitments, from the premium Aerotwin line through to the competitively priced Eco range.

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