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Prologics Diagnostic Tools

8 Nov, 2022

Prologics complementary diagnostic tools are now available at CoolDrive Auto Parts.

“Prologics diagnostics tools have been designed with simplicity and ease, to make a technician’s job easier, faster and more efficient by eliminating the guesswork,” said Matthew Douglass, Category Manager – Tools & Equipment, CoolDrive Auto Parts.

“The team at Prologics Europe Limited work closely with scan tools companies and technicians to design the right tool for the right job, every time. The Prologics range is a fantastic addition to the CoolDrive tools and equipment range, which is now one of the most comprehensive in the industry, continually expanding and updating in response to customer demand and industry trends.”

Available through CoolDrive are a range of industry-leading kits from Prologics, headlined by its Advanced Diagnostic Breakout Test Lead Kit. A 49-piece set, the Advanced Diagnostic Kit includes a wide range of connection breakout leads to help tap into circuits to test in most North American, Asian and European vehicle connections. The kit includes a variable potentiometer, piercing probes, back pin probes, fuse loops, mini fuse adapter, air bag circuit and more, to test most sensors, valves, solenoids, actuators, injectors, starter circuits and ignition coils.

The Prologics Sensor Simulator Kit is also a must-have kit for most workshops, which is a device used for wiring tests and is able to simulate the signal so the technician can compare it against the scan tool parameter. This helps the technician to quickly diagnose a wiring fault or component failure.

While the Prologics Voltage Reference Probe can be used in conjunction with an oscilloscope or multimeter to determine if the correct voltage is being applied and if the component is being activated, to eliminate guesswork, saving both time and money while diagnosing faults.

The Ultra Probe Kit offers a multitude of testers in the one box including a volt meter, short circuit indicator, bad ground indicator, continuity tester, relay tester and 6m power cable and a test light.

Capping off the Prologics range at CoolDrive is the Break Out Box, which is a CAN-Bus circuit tester suitable for 12 and 24V systems, which once plugged into the car’s DLC OBD port, it will check the pins for any voltage present.

For further information on the Prologics range, please CLICK HERE.

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