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CPS CarSmart Now at CoolDrive

10 Oct, 2022

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Find out more on the CPS CarSmart Refrigerant Charging Station here!

CPS Products has been supplying tools and test equipment to the Australian automotive air conditioning industry for over 30 years with the brand synonymous with quality and supported by nation-wide technical and service back-up.

Available through CoolDrive Auto Parts, the CPS automatic recover/recycle/reclaim machines are highlighted by the FX series single circuit dual refrigerant machines and the FA series multiple refrigerant single circuit range, all made possible by the TR series patented technology compressor.

CPS has also recently complemented its range with the addition of the European designed and manufactured CarSmart series, meaning that its range now covers all workshop automotive air-conditioning machine needs.

With both R134A and R1234YF models, the CPS CarSmart series has been designed with ease of use for the technician.

The units come equipped with an easy-to-read icon-based display without the need to manually operate the valves, a comprehensive vehicle database, multi-lingual software and the ability to set up to 30 custom vehicle’s data per machine.

Additional key features include analogue gauges with highlighted operation zones, a system performance test function, the ability to add extra refrigerant if required and the cylinder heater blanket allows quick charging even in the cooler months without the need to run the engine.

The CarSmart series offers oil and dye injection standard on the R134A model and oil injection only on R1234YF model, with easy access to the replacement bottles which are mounted externally on the front of the machine. There is also a handy solid metal front tray for storage of hoses and couplers.

The machines are Hybrid compatible so workshops can work on standard vehicles as well as vehicles with electric air conditioning compressors. They are also fully automatic, or can be used manually.

The compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre the units throughout the workshop, with the supplied 3m charging hoses allowing the technician to continue performing other work on the vehicle without hinderance.

The CarSmart series comes with a full Australian 12 month warranty, plus continued technical support.

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