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GYS Powerduction Induction Heating Systems Available through CoolDrive

4 May, 2023

GYS Powerduction Induction Heating Systems are now available through CoolDrive.

The Powerduction Induction Heating Systems heat the core of metalwork in a fraction of a second, making the units ideal for mechanical engineering, car bodywork or general maintenance, all without affecting nearby rubber or plastic components and is safer for users compared to traditional flame heating processes.

In the automotive workshop environment, the system’s precision targeting is ideal for releasing or disassembling a range of items, such as steering rods, ball joints, spark plugs, brake discs and hoses, exhaust manifold flanges and pipes, shock absorber nuts, thread-locked screws, bolts and more.

It is also ideal for straightening vehicle panels and bent chassis in repair shops and small dent repairs without paint while in general industry it has found favour annealing metal parts, heating to bend, brazing and pre-heating.

A variety of units are available through CoolDrive, including the 10R and 37LG which are ideal for automotive workshops, general repairs and/or maintenance work.

While the larger 50LG, 160LG and 220LG units are more suited for those jobs requiring more power and capacity such as in HGV, agricultural and construction workshops, on marine vessels, or for car body repairs.

The introduction of the GYS Powerduction Induction Heating Systems is part of CoolDrive’s expansion of its Tools and Equipment category, with leading global brands and products being added on an ongoing basis.

CLICK HERE for further information on the GYS Powerduction range available at CoolDrive.

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