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HULK Professional Series Goes Solar

3 Nov, 2023

HULK Professional Series has welcomed a new range of solar panels, the ideal solution for energy needs on the go.

The impressive new solar panels are the result of intense research and development by the HULK team to ensure the ideal combination of performance and reliability.

Each solar panel boasts advanced technology and durable construction, enabling them to withstand harsh weather conditions and perform time and time again.

Fixed and portable solar panels are available, all built with monocrystalline cells to ensure high efficiency and performance.

The HULK Professional Series Fixed Solar Panels are designed for 12V DC applications and offer various maximum power outputs, ranging from 100W to 190W.

These fixed panels come in a wide range of dimensions to suit different applications, but all feature a slim profile of just 35mm thickness.

With maximum system voltages of 1000V DC and different cell sizes, these fixed solar panels are suitable for a wide range of energy needs.

Complementing the fixed panels is the new HULK Professional Series Folding Solar Panel which offers portability and ease of use for outdoor activities such as camping, four-wheel-driving, and other off-grid applications.

With a maximum power output of 160W and able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, the folding solar panel is available as an individual unit, or in an all-in-one kit with a PWM controller, cables and connectors.

Capping off the new range from HULK Professional Series is its Portable Folding Solar Blanket.

Offering a power output of 20W and USB outputs of 5V/2A *2, the solar blanket can charge small devices making it ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking, as well as being lightweight at just 2.4kg, compact, and importantly, easy to transport and store.

These new solar panels from HULK Professional Series are compatible with the brand’s Pure Sine Wave Inverters and are also capable of charging its new PS700 Portable Power Station.

The HULK Professional Series range features premium-grade quality equipment for the true professional, with additional products including Battery Chargers, 8 Switch Panel, Lithium-ion Jump Starter, and a host of lighting and electrical solutions.

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