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Wins Continue for CoolDrive at the AAAE

23 Apr, 2024

CoolDrive Auto Parts' run of awards success has continued at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAE), with the GYS Powerduction 37LG claiming the Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product in the Tools and Equipment category.

The Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards, presented in front of 700 industry guests, recognised the best products across a range of specialist categories.

The Powerduction 37LG provides instant and powerful heating for a range of metallic products, with the light and portable water-cooled design allowing it to heat continuously uninterrupted.

The 3.7kW induction-heating system is ideal for releasing or disassembling steering rods, brake discs, exhaust components, shock absorbers, thread-locked screws and seized bolts, amongst a multitude of potential uses across workshop disciplines.

The GYS Powerduction range offers eight distinct products, each tailored to different power levels to meet various automotive repair needs. 

Additionally, the range includes a variety of inductors specifically crafted for different induction processes, simplifying the heating of workpieces of any shape and size, and facilitating access to challenging areas.

The GYS tools, manufactured entirely in France, are engineered to address technical challenges encountered by professional mechanics, enabling them to complete complex repairs efficiently.

GYS is a worldwide leader in equipment for welding, battery maintenance and body repair, with the company’s research and development department employing 90 engineers who have a proven track record of bringing fresh innovations to the marketplace.

“We are delighted to introduce the GYS Powerduction 37LG to Australia, and this award recognises its status as a market leader,” said Matthew Douglass, Category Manager – Tools and Equipment at CoolDrive Auto Parts.  

“The system is incredibly precise, heating only the targeted area, and the heat transfer is instantaneous. 

“Furthermore, it’s a much safer alternative to traditional gas-heating torches, with its gas-free and flameless design allowing users to work near heat-sensitive or flammable areas without causing damage.

“The new technology and innovations currently coming to the market are really impressive, and here at CoolDrive, we are proud to be the official Australian partner of GYS induction heating and battery charging equipment, a brand at the forefront of these advancements.”

CoolDrive’s display at the 2024 event featured a wide range of interactive product displays, with a focus on technical training that uses the latest technologies to create efficiencies for workshops.

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