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Get the Perfect Sealing Solution with Aunger

12 Feb, 2024

Aunger continues to grow at CoolDrive Auto Parts with a comprehensive new range of gaskets and seals expanding the iconic Australian brand’s offerings.

Specifically designed to meet the high standards of professional mechanics, the new Aunger gaskets and seals meet any engine management needs to keep modern engines running smoothly.

From graphite head gaskets to silicon rocker cover gaskets, OEM quality NOK seals to valve regrind sets, and oil pan gaskets, this new range from Aunger has mechanics covered with precision-engineered solutions.

Constructed from the highest-quality materials, these gaskets and seals ensure exceptional performance and longevity even in the most demanding conditions.

Headlining the new offerings are cylinder head gaskets which are crafted from high-grade graphite materials, known for their excellent sealing properties and durability, which ensures a tight and reliable seal even under high-pressure conditions. 

To further enhance strength and integrity, stainless steel bore binding or MLS (multi-layered steel) construction are utilised, depending on the specific requirements of each engine.

Rocker cover gaskets are vital in sealing the rocker cover to the cylinder head, preventing oil leaks and ensuring the mechanical stability of the engine. 

Aunger’s rocker cover gaskets are made from high-quality silicon, which offers exceptional mechanical stability and resistance to compression set, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable seal. They also provide exceptional sealing integrity across a wide temperature range, ensuring the engine’s performance in various operating conditions.

NOK seals are utilised by Aunger for its engine oil seals, which play a crucial role in preventing oil leaks and maintaining proper lubrication within the engine.

NOK is a renowned supplier known for its superior quality and longevity in sealing technology, and by using genuine NOK in its products, Aunger ensures the highest level of quality and reliability for its customers.

An essential part of engine maintenance is valve maintenance, and Aunger’s new valve regrind sets have been meticulously engineered to deliver precise fit and performance, ensuring smooth operation and sealing integrity of the valves.

Additional products in the new range from Aunger include exhaust and inlet manifold gaskets, along with full gasket sets.

Thanks to CoolDrive’s industry-leading iShop ordering system, workshops are guaranteed to find the right part and fit for their vehicles via the user-friendly vehicle part search function.

Aunger understands how vital confidence is when it comes to engine management work, offering a three-year/100,000km warranty on all its gaskets and seals.

With a rich history spanning more than 50 years, the Aunger range also includes shock absorbers, suspension components, car care products, wheel hub assemblies and bearing kits, and workshop equipment.
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