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CoolDrive Focuses on Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Training, Tools & Equipment

3 Jun, 2024

A valued partner to automotive workshops across Australasia, CoolDrive Auto Parts has expanded its offerings around hybrid and electric vehicles.

CoolDrive’s respected Technical Training Program is again running throughout the year and is headlined by the ‘Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems’ training courses, which will be conducted in partnership with Bosch and TaT.

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will have gained the knowledge and skills to proficiently handle and service the intricate components of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Objectives include identifying high-voltage components and associated risks, implementing safety protocols for working on EVs, understanding hybrid system variations and battery technologies, and selecting appropriate test equipment for diagnostics, including high-voltage testing.

Complementing the industry-leading training opportunities at CoolDrive is a comprehensive tool and safety equipment range for workshops working on hybrid and electric vehicles.

Now available through CoolDrive is the NRGkick mobile charger for electric vehicles, which is the safest charging unit on the market, thanks to its innovative Thermo-Protect temperature management and a new overvoltage and undervoltage protection.

Easy to use, the NRGkick can be used anywhere there is electricity from the standard 10A household plug to the maximum output of 22 kW by using a three phase 5 pin outlet.

The NRGkick can communicate with a house’s solar and battery systems to ensure charging only occurs while the sun is shining and not taking from the grid, which enables a cost saving for the user. 

This feature can be updated to all of the NRGkick models through a mobile phone connection.  

This year CoolDrive has also expanded its Tolsen insulated hand tool range which now features all manner of individual hand tools, as well as socket, plier, and tool sets – all manufactured and tested to VDE specifications.

CoolDrive’s safety equipment range is one of the largest in the industry, and was introduced in response to Australian Standard AS 5732:2022, which specifies exact requirements on safe and appropriate handling procedures, and provides guidance on safety and personal protective equipment for workshops working with electric and hybrid vehicles.

The range includes the HeartSine samaritan semi-automatic and fully-automatic Public Access Defibrillators, which can be used by both people trained in CPR, and those who are untrained.

Associated safety accessories are also available including face shields, gloves, an electrical insulated mat, first aid kit, and signage.

Capping off the hybrid and electric vehicle products available at CoolDrive are vehicle and resistance testers from brands including Bosch and Jaylec. 

At April’s Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, CoolDrive was proud to support and power AAAA’s ‘Electrified Zone’ initiative, showcasing its comprehensive equipment range to service and repair EV and hybrid vehicles.

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