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Brembo Sport Brake Pads, Discs & Brake Upgrades Now Available at CoolDrive

4 Mar, 2024

The Brembo braking range has expanded at CoolDrive Auto Parts, with Brembo Sport products and selected upgrade kits now available from Australasia’s preferred automotive parts distributor.

Manufactured in Italy, the Brembo Sport products are aimed at ‘sport’-oriented drivers, or enthusiasts who use their vehicles both for normal road use, as well as high performance driving.

Headlining the range at CoolDrive are Brembo Sport HP2 brake pads which are recognised for their quality construction and the use of state-of-the-art materials.

They offer outstanding performance levels even without being pre-heated and at low speed, thanks to a specific compound that generates constant friction across the entire temperature range.

In addition to providing improved performance levels, this compound ensures outstanding silent operation and increased durability for both the brake disc, and the pad itself.

Designed to be interchangeable with original equipment, the Brembo Sport HP2 brake pads are approved to ECE-R90.

Also available at CoolDrive are the Brembo Sport TY3 brake discs, which are distinguished by their use of Type3 slotting and the Brembo logo engraved on the braking surface.

The Type3 slotting is the result of years of research and development by the Brembo racing department and resembles the design of brake discs used in many competitive motorsport categories.

The specific design of the slot on the braking surface enables constant cleaning of the pad’s surface which increases friction, improves performance and braking modulation, resulting in more responsive and consistent braking.

When compared with an original equipment brake disc, the Brembo Sport TY3 guarantees smooth brake pedal feel, improved performance, stability, and resistance to fading – traits which are appreciated by those who love sportier driving.

CoolDrive also stocks Brembo GT and Pista brake upgrade kits, which are complete braking systems comprised of components derived from motorsport and offer unrivalled levels of technology. 

The systems feature forged or billet aluminium calipers with increasing performance and specifications, depending on the vehicle’s braking system and intended purpose, combined with oversized brake discs with the same number of dedicated characteristics.

Depending on the type of system and the required performance level, the calipers can either be in a two piece construction, monobloc, or even billet monobloc from solid metal, while the oversized brake discs can be single piece or two piece and come in either drilled or slotted facing styles. 

Designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts and for drivers who demand maximum performance from their vehicle, these systems are a genuine Brembo engineered package and offer exceptional performance along with a truly sporty look.

Brembo has an enviable reputation in Australia, founded on unique working relationships developed with more than 30 global automotive manufacturers.

In addition to Brembo, CoolDrive also stocks braking products from leading global brands including Bremtec Brakes, Fremax, Bosch, Project Mu, and Stolz covering an impressive range of street, performance, track, and off-road products.

This impressive product offering has increased significantly in recent years, to see CoolDrive now considered one of the market leaders in brakes in the local automotive aftermarket.

CoolDrive customers also have access to a digital catalogue of CoolDrive’s expansive braking range, “BrakeBook” which simplify the searching for and ordering of replacement parts.

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