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Bosch EV Training May

3 May, 2024

Course Description​

The increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads requires all workshops to have some understanding of the key components and vehicle architecture. As with any high voltage system, safe servicing procedures are also essential. 

Objectives of this training course:

  • Identify high voltage components and the dangers to staff they present
  • Make a hybrid or electric vehicle safe to work on so that routine service procedures can be safely completed
  • Understand and identify the different types of hybrid system and drives available
  • Understand and identify the difference in battery technology
  • Identify the correct test equipment to use for a particular situation including high voltage testing

Course topics include:

  • Design principles and components
  • Hybrid and electric vehicle structures
  • Battery technology, drivelines and e-machines
  • Vehicle and personal safety precautions
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