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Engine Management

Engine Management

CoolDrive’s Engine Management product suite includes a complete range of Engine Management and service component parts from Spark Plugs to Fuel Pumps, Oxygen Sensors, Ignition Coils, EGR Valves, MAP Sensors, Diesel Injectors, Diesel Common Rail Components and much, much more!


CoolDrive's Engine Management Range includes:

ABS Modules · Air Mass Meters · Air Temp Sensors · Cam Angle Sensors · Coil/Coil Packs · Connector Sets · Coolant Temp Sensors · Crank Angle Sensors · Distributors · Diesel Injectors · Diesel Pump · Diesel Sensors & Components · EFI Sensors · EGR Valves · Engine Control Units (ECUs) · Fuel Injector Repair Kits · Fuel Injector Service Components · Fuel Injectors · Fuel Line Repair Kits · Fuel Pressure Regulators · Fuel Pumps & Modules · Fuel Pump Strainer · Fuel Temp Sensors · Glow Plugs · Ignition Leads & Sets · Ignition Modules · Injected Feed Lines · Knock Sensors · Map Sensors · Oil Pressure Sensors · Oil Temp Sensor · Oxygen Sensors · Performance Pumps · Performance Fittings & Hose · Performance Fuel Injectors · Performance Fuel Pressure Regulators · Pick Up or Hall Sensors · Spark Plugs · Speedometer Sensors · Throttle Bodies · Throttle Position Switches · Turbochargers · Wheel Speed Sensors

The comprehensive range featuring well-known brands such as AFI, Valeo, Denso, FAE, Pierburg, Walker, Bosch and VDO can be found on iShop. or our digital resources, such as Oscar, Autoi or PARts DB.

CoolDrive's EFI Division is a specialist supplier of Automotive Electronic Fuel Injection, Engine Management and Ignition System components and also stocks Common Rail Diesel Injection products to suit a wide range of vehicles and applications.

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